2 Thailand Thai King Chulalongkorn - Rama V Pendants

2 Thailand Thai King Chulalongkorn - Rama V Pendants
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1 1/8 inch high by 7/8 inche wide 
The pendants comes with an attractive, adjustable & comfortable black satin cords
The Fifth King of the Chakri Dynasty
One pendant is in color and one is black white and a 
Beautiful Commemorative Coin 

Born September 21, 1853, King Rama V was to inherit the throne from his father, King Monkut
(Rama IV - the king in 
The King & I), in 1868 at the tender age of 15. Because he was still a
child, Thailand was governed by regency for the first five years of his reign and the boy King
took advantage of the time to travel the world & to became ordained as a Buddhist monk. 
King Chulalongkorn's father had been one of Siam's most educated monarchs, recognizing the
need for education and also the importance of the western world, yet understanding fully the
threat of colonization. Wisely, he had instilled these principles in his son who was an apt student.
During those first five years, King Chulalongkorn visited most of the major western powers, learning
about their cultures, traditions, political organization and technology while in neighboring countries
he spent time making political friends, realizing the need for allies in the fight to prevent colonization. 

King Chulalongkorn's 42-year reign was a remarkable one. He laid the framework for a democratic
government, freed the slaves, created a nobility, developed lasting links with the great powers of the
time, preserved Siam's sovereignty, unified the nation and started to build a railway.
He had gained wisdom from his learned father and passed it on to his children as a great gift. 

To learn more about King Chulalongkorn please click here:
The writing on the coin says King Chulalongkorn
and the date as well as One Baht or One Dollar


For $3.00 we will include a 1 Thai Baht copper replica coin from the Rama V era

2 Thailand Thai King Chulalongkorn - Rama V Pendants
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