Military Ax + Tactical Survival Knife + Whistle Compass

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10 1/2"  Military Combat Ax with Paracord and Sheith with Belt Loop  
Excellent, strong, light weight, stainless steel hatchet / ax 
Awesome Tactical  Survival Knife 
This is an amazing knife. It is large, strong, well built and 
has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker. It is strong enough  
to cut down a small tree yet with its spring assist can easily  
be opened with one hand. Locks when opened and has a belt clip.
Whistle 3 in 1 - Compass & Centigrade Thermometer
Excellent quality water suspended compass and thermometer, includes lanyard

Whether  you are deep in the forest or struggling to survive in the urban jungle we
consider a good whistle to be an important if not essential part of any survival kit


                      Awesome Automobile Survival Knife 

                                          Whistle 3 in 1 - Compass & Centigrade Thermometer


Military Ax + Survival Knife + Whistle Compass / Thermometer
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