Roller Hinges - Pivot Arms + Traction Handles for Teeter Tables

Roller Hinges - Pivot Arms + EZ-Stretch Traction Handles For Teeter Inversion Tables

Roller Hinges $65.00 + Traction Handles $60.00 + $22.50 USA Shipping - $147.50
Please note: This item will not work if your Teeter table is the:

Fit-Spine or Invertaline - IA-4, IA-4 or IA-5

Please note - Important: On the back of your table bed is a Serial# and Model which
we are required to have on file
. When you place your order we'd appreciate it if you

wil let us know the Serial# and Model. Or you can email it
or a picture to -  Thank you.

$22.50 USA Priority Mail Shipping
We pay Arizona sales tax
Canada - $42.50
World Wide - $52.50


Include EZ-Stretch Traction Handles 

Your order should ship in 2-4 business days.
If you have any problems paying online please call us: 
(415) 988-5360
If you reach a recording please leave a message and your call will be return promptly.
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Roller Hinges - Pivot Arms For Teeter Inversion Tables
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Price $147.50

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