Super Bright Tactical LED Flashlight - 250 Lumens

Super Bright Tactical LED Flashlight - 250 Lumens
$22.00 - Free Shipping
We have tested many flashlights some claiming to be up to 900 lumens. 
This compact reasonably priced super bright power toarch is as good or better
than those we've tested and some cost over $100.00. Strobe feature very
valuable in roadside and other emergencies. Push and hold feature allows
you to bypass clicking cycle. We consider this 
Power-Lite 250 to be a 
tactical flashlight because it is bright and sturdy enough for military,
police or survival purposes. These make great and practical gifts. Once
you have one you will want several at least. That is why we offer this
item in quantity discounts. 90 Day Warranty  
Multi-Function Push-Button-Switch
• Low Light Output - Even at 30% - Brighter than most lights 
• High Light Output - High intensity brightness 
• Emergency Strobe - Great for roadside emergencies
• Press and Hold - Momentary-on light 

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USA - Free  
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Super Bright Power-Lite 250 Flashlight - High quality aluminum casing, near indestructible. State of the art in small flashlights, very impressive.The best we have found. Because it is LED the battery life is amazingly long. Excellent, high quality on-off mechanism that will last many years. Has a lanyard. Takes three AAA battery - included. Small enought to keep in a jacket pocket or purse, powerful enought to fit everyday, disaster and survival needs. It casts an impressive, high intensity bright and long lasting light. 


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You can inculde the:
Super Bright Pocket LED Flashlight - 50+ Lumens
At a discounted price of only $6.00

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Super Bright Tactical LED Flashlight - 250 Lumens
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