Tactical Survival Knife + Credit Card Pocket Tool + Wire Saw

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Awesome Tactical  Survival Knife 
This is an amazing knife. It is large, strong, well built and 
has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker. It is strong enough  
to cut down a small tree yet with its spring assist can easily
be opened with one hand. Locks when opened and has a belt clip.
Credit Card Pocket Survival Tool
Convenient, credit card sized, multi-functional pocket survival tool
Made of high quality 55HRC hard stainless steel, case included 
Excellent Quality Wire Saw
25" Excellent Quality Wire Saw
                                   Awesome Tactical  Survival Knife 

                           Credit Card Pocket Survival Tool

Can opener, Bottle opener, Ruler, Knife edge, Screwdriver, 4 position wrench,
2 position wrench, Butterfly screw wrench, Direction auxiliary indication, Key chain hole 

                                                   Excellent Quality Wire Saw

Tactical Automobile Survival Knife + Credit Card Pocket Tool + Wire Saw
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