Teeter Inversion Table - EP-Series Instructional DVD

Teeter Inversion Table - Instructional DVD
BONUS: Healthy Back Classes with Dr. Shawn
This DVD was made for the Teeter EP-Series inversion tables.
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This or a similar DVD is included free with your inversion table order! 
Order your Teeter inversion table today and be stretching and decompression
in about 2-5 business days!
If you are interested in viewing the assembly process or instruction of how to use a 
Teeter Inversion Table this DVD is excellent.
This 20 minute instructional presentation
provides a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide to using your inversion table.

                  The instructions are divided into four sections:
                  User Settings
                  Use Instructions
                  Advanced Stretching & Exercises 
                  HEALTHY BACK CLASSES with Dr. Shawn
                  5 simple stretching & strengthening routines for a healthier back
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Teeter Inversion Table - Instructional DVD
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