ThaiSmai Shin Guards with Instep Protection

ThaiSmai Shin Guards 
$45.00 + $15.00 USA Shipping
Constructed of100% top grain leather with dense foam padding. 
Made by ThaiSmai in Thailand. Many Muay Thai boxers consider 
ThaiSmai shin guards to be the best you can buy. High quality
Velcro and elastic straps with instep protection pads.

Medium - Length shin guard - Approx.  13 1/4"  
Medium - Overall length including instep pads - approx.  17 3/4"  
Large - Length shin guard - Approx.  13 1/2"  
Large - Overall length including instep pads -  approx. 18"  
If you are not sure about large or medium check your ankles and calves, 
if they are quite thin you may want to choose medium.
XL- Length shin guard - Approx.  14 1/2  
XL - Overall length including  instep pads -  approx. 20 1/4  
Widths are similar and XL is about 1 inch wider than M & L
Price - $45.00 Med & Large + $15.00  Shipping
  $50.00 X-tra Large + $15.00   Shipping

Shipping to Canada - Priority Mail - $28.00
World Wide International Priority Mail Shipping - $45.00 

Kick Boxing Shin Protection 
These are considered the best shin guards available 
Used mostly in martial arts they are also used in fast pitch softball and other sports. Some people with tender shins and insteps who have pain when they use an inversion table have found these shin guards to make the experience much more pleasurable.

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ThaiSmai Shin Guards with Instep Protection
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